Our Sustainability Policy

CSR Policy

Energy Thai Trading Hub Company Limited is committed to operate our business with a good governance manner. As a part of the society, we realized the importance of business responsibility toward society and environment. In order to promote sustainable development within company and acceptance from our customers, all level of managers and employees must perform their duties in the same direction and follow the Sustainability Policy as follows

  • Company will operate in an ethical manner with social responsibility

  • Company will encouragingly participate in a community and social development in economic, social and environmental aspects as a whole

  • Company will treat all customers with respect to human rights without any discrimination and regardless to differences in race, nationality, religion and culture. Additionally, the company will manage our business with fairness and promote sustainable development

  • Company will encourage our employees in voluntarism and social responsibility without expecting benefit

  • Company will promote an activity that create mutual and sustainable benefits to community and society

EHS Policy

Energy Thai Trading Hub Company Limited is valuing safety and health of our employees. We believed that safety workplace could happen from everyone, including management, supervisor and employees, support and be responsible with their tasks. To promote a smooth implementation of safety workplace, ETTH has set Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Policy as follows

  • Company will promote a safety workplace, where safety is everyone’s first priority

  • Company will constantly improve our operation regarding safety and environment

  • Company will organize safety activities that could raise employees’ awareness. For instance, training, public relation and safety contest

  • All level of managements must represent as a good example to employees

  • Every employee must keep the operating areas clean and organize

  • It is essential for all employees to collaborate with company’s safety and occupational health projects and has the right to give suggestion in the meeting regarding safety procedures and workplace improvement

  • Company will organize an internal audit, periodically

  • Safety, Occupational Health and Environment will be included in annual evaluation

Quality Policy

To ensure quality of our services and products as well as customer satisfaction toward the company’s management, Energy Thai Trading Hub Company Limited has established a quality guideline to guarantee quality of service and customer satisfaction as follows

  • Customer Satisfaction is the major concern of the company, hence we are providing our customers with appropriate academic advice, technology and suitable guidelines

  • Executive management will allocate efficient and appropriate human resources and resources in supporting an implementation and drive company’s quality policy to the target

  • The company will organize developing and training to ensure that our employees are equipped with sufficient knowledge and competence to perform their tasks efficiently

  • Company will revise our customers’ agreement constantly, this is to ensure that jobs would be delivered on time and beyond customers’ expectation

  • Service regulation will be clearly stated in a document to avoid receiving complaint regarding noncompliance services

  • Company will immediately record, correct and execute mitigation plan, if the company received complaint from customers or nonconformity with regulation occurred

  • Company will organize an internal audit to all activities in a timely manner to ensure that our quality policy is efficient and effective

  • All quality information will be collected, evaluated and reported to advance the quality policy to the next level