[agroup style=”plain” id=893][accordion title=”Environmental Impact Assessment” id=893]

Environmental Impact Assessment and Final Reporting Consultant, where we emphasized on the energy business and transportation system. For instance, we have EIA experiences in petroleum exploration, pipelines, rail-road and construction.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Energy Engineering Consultant” id=893]

We are engrossed in introducing and utilizing new energy technologies that could harmoniously advance energy business operation. For instance, introducing 3-dimensional software for petroleum exploration usability, proposing new energy saving technologies and equipment to industries and household as well as system analyzing in industries for most beneficial to the organization.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Solar Energy” id=893]

We provide our valuable clients with the cutting edge Solar Energy Services: installing, controlling, monitoring and advising on solar energy, such as solar energy street lamp and solar panel installation, starting from Engineering Feasibility Study for clients until closed project which has to comply with the Principal of the Project Management according to the scope of work, budget and time.

[/accordion][accordion title=”Waste Management” id=893]

We highly concern on Waste Management since our services will be included the integrated waste management process for our valuable clients. Our aim is to help our clients with zero waste emission to the environment (emphasizing on Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries).